Convection Vapir Devices Possess A Normally Typical Working System

The working system of any convection vaporizer usually possesses a typical design. People who use drugs like marijuana or Cannabis can normally be seen to use vaporizers for a quicker experience of the effect of the active substances. In the case of a convection vaporizer, a hand held wand that is encapsulated by glass purposely designed for heating along with a vortex flow is used for intakes. A long and flexible drawtube is a common thing in many convection vaporizers. The drawtube is also known as a whip. A drawtube thus helps the user to intake the vapor that is produced. In some vaporizers, a balloon or bag-like attachment is seen. The balloon or bag attachment is used to collect the vapor. The user, in the case of a balloon or bag attachment removes the same and inhales the vapor contents once it is filled. Convection vaporizers also contain the facility to cool down the vapor content with the help of certain attachments containing ice or water that can be fixed in between the bag or the vaporizer and the drug user’s mouth. In general there are two types of convection vaporizers. They are the active and the passive types. In an active type, air is blown via the herbs and the heating element. In the case of a passive type, the drug user needs to inhale the vapor without the aid of a pump or fan.